Green.. serene and gentle like a woman holding Veena in a forest with a mild fragrance flowing in the air.. Thats Raag Todi picturised for us… I felt the raag playing in the background when I sat beneath those trees and watched by better half go for a jog and chose to  relax and be at peace with my mind and soul… I clicked these pictures while not moving too much and covering whatever I could by rotating in my place 😛 Lazy shots.. relaxation mattered 🙂 Enjoy the greenery! do you hear ‘Raina Beeti Jaye’ anywhere.. 🙂

Feel yourself lost in the exceptional music piece!


‘Basant’ is the raag of Spring season.. with tranquility of shabad’s, this raag represents silent joys.I clicked these pics on the onset of spring in London. The otherwise dry landscapes fill themselves with colors and hues everywhere!  A sweet silence exudes from everywhere and we feel ourselves lost in it…

Music and Dance!!! Bliss


Yaman Kalyan

Further to my previous blog, its evenings in pictures, which I am showcasing here. Evening as they say, is the most constructive part of a poet’s day. Raag Yaman, sets the mood just perfect for it. The old hindi music lovers can easily associate their evenings with songs like Chandan sa Badan, Jab deep jale aana ,Abhi na jao chhod kar and so on. Its the romance about the raag which best suits this time of the day.

I hope these pictures take you to a romantic evening with a cup of coffee and music..


Sometimes I wonder who am I. I sing but I am not a trained singer. I dance, but I am not a perfect dancer. I like to write but how often do I sit down to pen my thoughts? I like to click  but I don’t know photography either. But then I realize that it is ‘Art’ per se which flows in my blood. With this blog, I aim to understand the confluence of various forms of art and how they fit together to give us a complete experience.

Being brought up in a family of music lovers, mornings and bhajans form an obvious association in my mind. And so when I move with my camera its not just the breeze, but also bhajans in raag ‘Bhairav’ which knit the scenery together. I hope you enjoy the ‘ocher’ colors and the divinity of Bhairav in the pictures!